Honorary Members

Haruka Okamura

Haruka Okamura
Haruka Okamura was an exchange student from Kyoto, Japan, staying in Evesham as part of the Cultural Homestay in Europe scheme. She was made an Honorary Member of the Trust after her work in the Evesham shop.

This article which appeared in the local newspaper tells the story:
" A Japanese teenager will be able to share with her countrymen the great British charity culture. Seventeen year old Haruka Okamura who live in Kyoto, has been attending Prince Henry's High School in Evesham since last September studying Engligh, maths and biology.

On Saturdays she has worked in the Tracy Sollis Leukaemia Trust Shop in Library Arcade which has been an innovation for her she says, because Japan has no charity shops.

Haruka said, "there is nothing like it in Japan. Working in the shop has been very useful for me." Of Evesahm she said " It is a very beautiful place, I would like to come back with my parents one day."

The founder of the charity shop Sue Sollis said "Haruka has worked tirelessly in her support towards the Trust and we will miss her very much."

She has been awarded Honorary Membership of the Trust for her outstanding commitment and dedication. On her return to to Japan, Haruka's ambition is to be a nurse.

updated: 9 years ago