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Sue Sollis (Founder Member)

Kind hearted supporters donated so many goods towards the charity that my home became over- run. Holding car boot sales was not sufficient to cope with the influx. Urgent action needed to be taken which led to The Trust having a charity shop. The shop has grown from strength to strength and is not only used to raise funds but also acts as the Trust’s headquarters.

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I've been working in the shop for almost a year now after I volunteered because of my schools elective programme. I usually find myself doing many posters and labels for the shop as I find that work very enjoyable and creative. I’ve met many new people so far and look forward in continuing my work at the trust.

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I began my work in the shop in early 2012 under my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Volunteering section and I continued that work until early 2013. I then took up volunteering at the shop a second time for my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the time I have spent at the shop meeting all the volunteers and I look forward to all the time I will spend there in the future.
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I started work as a volunteer in April 2014. I enjoy working in the shop which is giving me experience in the retail trade. It is extra special to me as I know I am supporting a local charity.

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I lived and worked as a Nurse in Scotland for 42 years before moving to Evesham in 2005. I met Sue Sollis shortly after losing my son, who was tragically killed in a road traffic accident. I was impressed by the kindness and compassion showed and asked to join her team of volunteers at The Tracy Sollis Shop.

I must admit that I wanted to work in the shop initially as a move to help me overcome the loss of my son. However, as I asked questions about the charity I have become more committed. I remember how little research, equipment and knowledge we nurses possessed about leukaemia in the 50's and 60's. I also realise how much more is possible now with charities like the Tracy Sollis.

When I hear Sue getting excited about donating a specialised bed or piece of equipment to a hospital or unit, I think back to the early 60's of myself bending over a little iron cot to tend a baby girl with leukaemia. I also remember thinking how sad and hopeless was her prognosis. Now there is hope. This is why I want to be part of the Charity.

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I needed to find something to help fill the time after my husband passed away and I saw a notice in Sue’s shop window asking for volunteers. My life has never been the same since! Sue’s enthusiasm is infectious and she never stops rushing around whether it’s in the shop, the office or giving talks. All the other volunteers are so friendly that I really look forward to the days I help out. I would definitely recommend it.

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We have no charity shops in Japan, so I am very interested to find out all about how they are run. If I ever go back to Japan in the future, I would like to do the same over there because I have a disabled son and it would be nice to work together doing the same kind of thing. Meeting people in the shop is also helping to improve my language.

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I have always supported Sue's shop as it is a local charity.
I went into the shop one day and Sue seemed rushed off her feet so I offered to help and I haven't looked back.

I usually go in for a couple of hours in the middle of the day so Sue can have some lunch. However the experience is wide and varied – from helping in the shop to directing traffic at the Asparagus Festival, there is never a dull moment! My husband is thinking of coming too, so that he gets the chance to see me sometimes!

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I started volunteering in 2005. In the year 2011 I did a sponsored swim of 50 lengths and raised £631.50 for the charity.
I like working in the shop because I enjoy meeting people. I also like serving customers and working on the till.

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Relentless, dedicated, passionate, that sums up Sue Sollis, Founder of The Tracy Sollis Leukaemia Trust. Since the death of her daughter – Tracy - she has dedicated her life to running, very successfully, this charity. My admiration for her is boundless and it was to her I turned when my son ‘Nicky’ died from leukaemia. From when we found out - till the day he died - was a matter of 12 days. We never knew - he never knew - until he was covered in large bruises - but by then it was too late. This made me realise how much more awareness and research of this terrible disease is greatly needed. I am now a part time volunteer in her shop. Anything - however small - to help with this charity is greatly appreciated.

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I like working in the charity shop as I lost my husband and it’s company for me. It keeps me busy and I have people to talk to.

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I’m retired but still wanted to offer my services to a good cause. Met Sue, remarkable lady, lovely volunteers and such fun.

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