Our Patron – Gordon Giltrap MBE

Meet our Patron

Gordon Giltrap MBE first became involved in Tracy’s battle to overcome leukaemia, way back in 1993. Knowing that Tracy needed to find a bone marrow donor, Gordon kindly agreed to take part in a charity concert. The concert took place at Evesham’s Working Men’s Club, Worcestershire and was to be the first time the two were to meet.

Gordon’s help didn’t stop there. He called in several times to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital complete with his guitar. As Tracy was interested in music, Gordon showed her his various playing techniques and on one particular visit ran through a new number that he had just written, but not at that time released. The number was called ‘On Camber Sands’. It was a great surprise to Tracy when she received a special taped recording of it from Gordon. I can remember Tracy listening to it while traveling in the car. It was in the middle of the night and Tracy was returning to hospital with an infection. The music lightened that journey and brought a smile to Tracy’s face.

When Tracy’s donor was found, it was great news for all. It was a chance of survival and hopefully a return to normal life – something which Tracy longed for. We all prayed and waited following the transplant procedure which went head in August 1994.

However, due to complications, it wasn’t to be. The transplant failed and the leukaemia returned even more aggressively than before. It was a difficult time, but despite this Gordon kept in touch.

One evening there was a phone call. It was from Gordon. Would Tracy like to meet his good friend Brian May? – “What Brian May from Queen”!

Tracy had a meal in an Italian Restaurant with Brian, who asked if she would like to attend a ‘Meatloaf’ concert that very evening. Brian was to be the surprise guest on stage. It was such a happy day. Despite Tracy being extremely unwell, the pleasure it gave will never be forgotten and it was all thanks to Gordon.

When Tracy passed away on February 1995, a £100,000 appeal was launched for a research laboratory to be situated on the grounds of the Royal Free London. Gordon played a big part in helping launch this appeal.

The Tracy Sollis Leukaemia Trust progressed to register as an independent charity and a Patron was sought. But who was to be the ideal person to ask? Why who else but ‘Gordon Giltrap’.

We are delighted that Gordon is playing such a big role in representing the Trust.

Thank you Gordon