Vein Finders provided to local Hospitals and GPs

Photo Credit: Warwick Hospital – Mandeep Singh and his Team with the donated Vein Finder

The Trust became aware that many patients suffer discomfort or distress during treatment when there is a difficulty in finding a vein. This was brought to the Trust’s attention by a local patient.

Following research into the problem it was discovered that there is a piece of medical equipment called a vein finder which can help. The vein finder provides a laser computer image of the position of the veins.

The vein finder needs to be attached to a stand for regular hospital use and there are two types of these stands available. The one type is a fixed stand for placement in a haematology unit and the other one is a mobile stand which is ideal for wheeling up and down a ward.

The Trust has purchased several of these vein finders together with their appropriate stands for several hospitals.

  • Cheltenham Hospital’s Rendcomb Ward
  • Cheltenham Hospital’s Lillybrook Ward
  • Hexham Hospital’s Oncology Unit
  • Gloucester Royal Hospital’s Edward Jenner Ward
  • Gloucester Royal Hospital’s Children’s Outpatient Department
  • Kidderminster Hospital’s Garden Suite
  • Kidderminster Hospital’s Millbrook Suite
  • Worcester Hospital’s Rowan Suite
  • Merstow Green & Abbey Medical Surgery, Evesham
  • Warwick Hospital

Photo Credit – Kidderminster Hospital with the donated ’Vein Finder’