The Trust purchases research equipment for the Tracy Sollis Laboratory, inside the Anthony Nolan Research Institute.

Watch Professor Alejandro Madrigal, from the Anthony Nolan Research Institute, talk about the beginning of the Anthony Nolan and Tracy Sollis Trusts.

Below are some of the items we have purchased for the laboratory.

Panasonic Safety Cabinets – £20,000

Purchased 2018

2 x Class II safety cabinets with unique double Hepex air flow system. Replacing current cabinets that are over 20 years old.

FluidX Traxis Tube & Plate Scanner – £6,500

Purchased 2018

DNA is stored in barcoded tubes which will ensure we can identify and digitally track the samples. We currently use a single tube scanner to identify samples, thus creating lots of work for an individual, and the risk of possible human error. A flat bed scanner would allow us to scan all 96 samples at once, reducing hands on time and ensuring accuracy of sample storage

 Panasonic -70°C Freezer – £7,600

Purchased 2018

-70 freezer to replace current freezer which is 15 years. old and cannot be repaired if it breaks down. This stores patient & donor samples for the HSCT project.

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank – £15,750

Purchased 2017

V1500-AB Isothermal Freezer for the Patient Donor Project

Promega Maxwell DNA – £19,500

Purchased 2017

The Maxwell® Rapid Sample Concentrator (RSC) Instrument is an automated nucleic acidpurification system that will process up to 16 samples in a single run. Used incombination with prefilled reagent cartridges, the Maxwell® RSC can purify DNA or RNA from a wide range of sample types. The intuitive graphical userinterface makes the instrument easy to use, and the integrated Quantus™ Fluorometer lets you collect purification and quantification data in one report.

The charity frequently visits the Research Institute to see how the equipment is being used & what new equipment is needed.

View some pictures below of out last visit to the Institute!