Scientific Advisor


Scientific Advisor – Professor Vaskar Saha

Vaskar Saha is a Professor in Paediatric Oncology based at The Paterson Institute for Cancer Research (PICR) at The University of Manchester, where he leads Cancer Research UK’s Children’s Cancer Group (CCG).

We are delighted and honoured to have Professor Saha’s expertise and knowledge readily at hand following his acceptance as The Trust’s Scientific Advisor.

Vaskar has observed The Trust’s work closely over the last few years having worked alongside The Trust’s Honorary member Jean Sargent PhD, on Chemotherapy Sensitivity Testing. Vaskar presented a lecture at Evesham’s Town Hall in November 2007 on ‘Cancer Treatment and Care’.

Qualifications and Personal History:

  • Joined Cancer Research UK (previously known as Imperial Cancer Research Fund) 1995.
  • Head of Cancer Research UK Children’s Cancer Group since 1999. Joining the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Manchester in autumn 2006.